All members of ABQ KIS (hereafter “KIS”) are encouraged to submit a report to the Support and Action Committee (“S&A”) for any conflicts or incidents involving other KIS members or that occur at KIS functions. Anonymous reports will be noted and kept in their own file but will NOT be acted upon; we require names/identities of the person or persons involved in a situation to actively engage in resolution. S&A will act as mediators and arbiters in order to resolve issues, and will maintain a confidential record of all issues submitted to S&A, including information requests. Information gathered during the mediation and investigation process will be submitted to the Ethics Committee (“Ethics”) for review and discussion on how to handle and resolve each issue according to the rules, regulations, bylaws, and guidelines outlined by Ethics. Upon receiving a support request, S&A will do its best to respond in a timely manner and acknowledge receipt of the request. Once S&A is contacted, we ask that all active involvement in the situation be suspended if at all possible until we have had a chance to begin our mediation and arbitration process, which includes contacting any other individuals involved. If an S&A member is contacted in a manner other than through the form on the KIS website, that member will acknowledge receipt of such contact and continue the process with all committee members informed of the issue as reported. This may occur through email via [email protected] or in person; in the latter case, there MUST be at least two members of S&A present. S&A will ask to collect information regarding any issue we are working on in order to build a comprehensive case file that will help us and Ethics arrive at the best resolution for all parties involved. This information may include, but is not limited to: screenshots of conversations, text and audio transcripts, witness accounts, emails, contact details (phone numbers, legal names, etc). This information will be kept in a private location; only current members of S&A will have access to this information, except when being shared with Ethics. S&A will change the password for access to this location whenever there is a change in the members sitting on the committee.
If you decline to the above statements, your case will be dismissed upon retrieval.
You do not have to use your legal name.
Including a witness could potentially support your case. Be sure to ask permission first.