Ethics & Support

This committee is made up of 2 branches - Ethics writes the general protocol and Support & Action provides members with safety and assistance.

Planning & Education

This committee is designated for our best event coordinators and education curriculum planners. These folks are truly making the magic happen.

Outreach & Treasury

This committee is home to our "welcome wagon" and their hijinks. The outreach specialists work with local community groups to share resources & ideas. They also brainstorm and find new ways to fund the group.

IT & Admin

This committee welcomes techies, coders, social media gurus, and those who are perpetually a "slave" to the pleasures of organization and order.

Joining a committee and helping out is easy!  You can join a committee at any time and you may be a part of up to 2 different committees.

Being a part of a committee is fun and rewarding, and we would love to have you.

Come and be a part of what we’re making!

What our REVIEWs say

"Love my people here. Me just being me with folx doing the same."


"Very safe. Very inclusive."


"Just some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of working with!"


"This is important work. This is something big."



ABQ KIS takes its members and their safety seriously. If you are concerned about another member or your safety, please fill out an incident report.

Any information requests submitted to S&A will be discussed with Ethics prior to releasing such information. Requests may only be made regarding a specific individual or case; no general inquiries are permitted. Regardless of intent behind such requests, or any discussions of same, S&A reserves the right to deny any request at any time for any reason, including approval from Ethics.

S&A will strive to maintain a list of suggested resources available to any person or persons approaching S&A with an issue in the event that S&A, Ethics, or any other KIS committee are unable to provide the support necessary to resolve an issue. In the event of an emergency, we urge you to contact the proper authorities before approaching S&A. Suggestions are always welcome and may be submitted to us with “Suggestion” in the subject line.

Although S&A will make every effort to follow these rules and procedures, we acknowledge that the nature of conflict may require that we act outside of same and reserve the right to do so if and when we feel it necessary to do.