By using the services of ABQ KIS, you agree to comply with the following set of terms
as well as any rules outlined by ABQ KIS admins and the Ethics & Support Committee.

  • By registering with ABQ KIS, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to do so (18+) and that all information you submit is truthful.
  • Registered sex offenders convicted of sexual violence or any other sexual offense will not be qualified to join ABQ KIS.
  • All sexual, gender, religious, disabled, ethnic, and racial identities are protected from discrimination and any hateful actions will be treated with zero tolerance. This includes any group chats, forums, and channels.
  • Your membership is for your personal use, and you will not authorize anyone to use your account on any platform on your behalf.
  • You are entirely responsible for what you post in the groups, and ABQ KIS is absolved of any further responsibility for the integrity of the content uploaded, and does not screen content beforehand. Please choose carefully what you decide to share publicly. If you share your telephone number, street address, or legal name, ABQ KIS is not liable for any potential outcome.
  • LEGAL CONTENT ONLY – Illegal content, bestiality, necrophilia, snuff, minors (under 18), real murder, animal abuse, cannibalism, and incest are not allowed on KIS platforms. If you are caught posting anything of the sort, you will be banned immediately, regardless of content or intent.
  • NO DISPARAGING COMMENTS – Personal attacks, kink-shaming (within legalities), and name-calling will not be tolerated.
  • ONLY ORIGINAL CONTENT – Do not share photos or artwork copyrighted by someone else unless prior credit or permission has been granted.
  • BE POLITE – Do not bash, defame, slander, or otherwise “name and shame” any member or group on KIS platforms, regardless of whether you believe they deserve it. Message our Ethics & Support team at [email protected] or file a formal complaint below. This is a safety measure and could affect any legal action we may decide to pursue.

You agree to abstain from the following:

  • personal attacks, harassment, stalking, and bullying
  • make criminal accusations in a public forum (you can do so privately at [email protected])
  • make or promote any type of hate directed at any demographic
  • holding political discussions
  • sharing private messages or screenshots, especially from Fetlife
  • posting private or personal information of another member
  • use the website for research, press, or law enforcement purposes
  • promote service for monetary exchange or barter on platforms or at events
  • impersonate any person or entity
  • employ misleading information or falsify member details
  • upload malicious software or scripts to online groups
  • modify or distribute the content made by another user
  • make “sock” profiles, or multiple profiles for online groups
  • intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable law
  • attempt to sell illegal goods or weapons, or services that do not exist

– When your post is removed or edited due to a rule violation in groups:

    Expect a message from a moderator explaining the action taken, and why. If it’s your first offense, or if the infraction was particularly minor, expect to be given a warning. If it’s not your first offense, or if the violation was very clearly done with malicious intent, you may find yourself with a temporary or permanent ban. The moderator will tell you if this is the case.

– When your post is removed or edited for a reason other than a rule violation:

    This may happen in cases where we decide to consolidate multiple constructive posts into one, correct bad links, or move a thread into the proper subforum. Expect a message from a moderator explaining the action taken, and assuring you that it is not disciplinary action.

– Expect a reply from a moderator in any of the other following situations:

    We need more information from you. We have made the decision not to take action; we’ll let you know why. We have taken action (but note that we won’t disclose the details of any punishments).

Remember that the staff here are all volunteers who donate their time to the group because we want to see it remain healthy for as long as possible, and treat your moderators as you would have them treat you.

We can’t cover all bases with these rules, and sometimes we may have to make exceptions or pass judgments for situations we simply haven’t accounted for. In such an event, you can still expect an explanation of the reasoning behind our actions. As always, feedback on any aspect of the site and its moderation is welcomed and encouraged.

Should you violate these terms, ABQ KIS has the right to pursue both legal and equitable action.

If you are aware of any violations of these Terms and Conditions, please report them to: [email protected], our incident reports, or contact a Facebook group admin.

Below is a graphic depicting the bare bones structure for abuse. If you believe that any of these events has occurred, we urge you to file a report.

Click the graphic to view the full size.


KIS operates primarily online, so there is a risk no matter what service you’re using. This is partly because you’re the one who is in charge, according to your needs. As the internet is vast, we cannot guarantee the complete confidentiality of your information.

But we can help you with some good ideas.

If you’re interested in following the KIS Facebook page, Facebook offers the option of hiding your “liked” pages. Facebook makes it possible to “like” individual user posts as well as public events and interest pages. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to hide “likes” on individual user posts. However, you can remove “likes” from your activity log, and you’re able to hide any “likes” you make to public profiles and interest pages. CLICK HERE for a link to show you multiple ways to do this.

The Facebook group itself is set to “CLOSED” settings. Making the choice to be a part of the group may make your information more visible to others within the group. You can see the difference between certain group privacy settings by CLICKING HERE.

If you’re on FetLife, you can find us on that website and keep up-to-date with events from there.

This website is also updated the same day as changes are decided.

For your safety,
– F, IT&A

(Last Updated: 3/11/2018)